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In late 1994, I watched the Hell Freezes Over Eagles concert special with my parents. During the show, me and my Dad would say things we liked about the songs, the ones we liked, the ones we didn’t like. For some reason, they didn’t play “Heartache Tonight.”

Never before had I discussed music with my parents. It was not a short discussion.


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Inspiration of India

A month ago, I had a dream that wouldn’t let me go. There were some interesting things in it, elements of Indian culture, a battle between digital players who had become gods. Ceremony, celebration, iconography.

Some of the women in this dream looked a little like this woman:

Beauty Indian girl with mehndi tattoos hold palms together. Bea

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PREPARE TO DIE. Those are the words boldly marked on the back cover of Dark Souls. In a more literal sense, it means Prepare To Fail. As with any challenging venture, failure should not only be planned for, it should be anticipated. Failure is how we improve.

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The title says it all.

I’m starting a Patreon page soon. I’m going to offer perks–patrons have to get something out of the process.

What I need is an idea of what people would like from me on a monthly scale.


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New Release: In The Shadow Of War

My friend Bradley R. Mitzelfelt has just released the first novel of THE DARK MAGE CHRONICLES, In The Shadow of War. As another emerging writer like myself, I wanted to share this release with everyone.


You’re thinking Why might this book be for me? I shall gladly answer that.

  • It stands on the tradition of Mass Effect. Lead character Dearic Thyne is an Ardour, something of a fantasy equivalent of a Spectre with an extra dash of detective thrown in. While there are bandits, thieves, and orcs running around, there are also the insect-like Nalgvane and a mystery species called the Mists. It’s a wide world where the standard rules don’t have to apply all the time.
  • Dearic is suppose to be a perfect character and fails at it. When I asked Bradley to describe Dearic to me, he said this: “Dearic is the quintessential good guy. He’s chivalrous, likes beautiful women, is highly intelligent, and likes to fight with a rapier.” He makes enemies, he doesn’t know the full capability of his weapons, and, when he has a purpose, he’s utterly single-minded.
  • “Who am I?” Dearic doesn’t know where he comes from, as he’s the King’s adopted son. Despite that major pull on his loyalty, he still has to find out where he came from, then determine how much his nurture or nature will shape his future.

If you’re ready for In The Shadow Of War, it’s ready for you now.

Last Monday, I finished compiling the first draft of “The Mirror of Tila.” With that done, I have no active project where I’m doing the initial writing.

As the saying goes: What to do, what to do?


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In the past month, I’ve done a lot of work on a new short story, “The Mirror of Tila.” This is meant for a fantasy anthology focusing on villain characters. A bonus for me is that it features my dark fantasy setting, THE NIGHT LANDS.

I need 10,000 words. Currently, I have 7,500. The next part to write looks like this:

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My good friend Michael Ignacio Jr. is a supportive guy. He often tells people, “Prayers and positive thoughts,” when he learns of significant, possibly stressful events. This is a mindset that is snugly placed within his writing as well. I’m working on an upcoming story for an anthology he’s putting together, which is nice since he’s good at motivating and reassuring other writers.

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The Way Is Shut

Since the middle of September, one end of the road I live on has been closed. Not only that, it’s the main path to where I work, a majority of the shopping areas, and the closest interstate. To get anywhere, I have to go backward first.

Levee in West Memphis, AR

In many ways, it seems this is the way of life. Want to go forward? Too bad, you have to turn around.

It’s a disappointment, one that comes up more often than not. As a writer, years ago I suspected that I was getting close to a point where I would be traditionally published. I could feel it in my bones. I was wrong.

Last year, I set up at a convention, thinking it would be the start of me working solely as a writer, traveling and selling books. I didn’t make quite the sales over that convention that I thought I would.

Still, I write. Still, I pursue my goals.

Also, yesterday, the blocked end of my street opened up.

Advertising, Round One

After seeing the success of my friends over at Kapuha Press, I decided to follow their lead and try setting up a small Facebook advertising campaign. I know it’s a risk, but it’s not the first time I’ve put money into my writing endeavor.

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