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The Facts

You may have heard of Joe Friday, you may not.  He’s famous for his attention to the facts.

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It’s story time and it’s time I caught up with everyone.  Luckily, I can do both at once right now.

Today’s story is about courage.

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For years, I’ve managed to stockpile drawings in several sketchbooks, some of which I’ve shared here in the past.  I’m pleased to say I am taking the next step and compiling a collection of these images and making them available for purchase.


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Your Opinion Please

In putting together a small art book, I’ve looked at a recent drawing and found myself conflicted.  Here is the picture in question.

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Searching Through Dreams

Not all dreams are the goals, the hopes we strive for in our lives.  Sometimes, dreams are unconscious lands of fascination, powers, desires, and memories.

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Yes, You’re Wrong

Want to hear an embarrassing story?  Sure you do.

I send a query letter out every day I don’t work my day job.  That means, once or twice a week, I let a literary agent know about Mind & Machine.  No one else is going to do it for me, right?

Imagine my surprise when I realize that every one of those letters I’ve sent in the past few months has been wrong.

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Origins of the Art

Each day, I think of my Dad for a variety of reasons.  Working with heavy machinery was part of my current job and his work.  Sometimes I see people who wear a similar coat, cap, and glasses.  On some occasions, I see something I know he would really like (I suspect Interstellar would be a movie he would adore).

Along with his influence on my love of cartoons, Dad could draw, though he didn’t do it very often.

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One of my best frends got engaged the other day.  While this should simply be a

joyous note, his impending marriage is illegal in twenty states, including the one

he currently lives in.  This represents an inherent lack of acceptance and adaptation,

especially from those who claim to follow the hippie liberal progressive we call Jesus.


Such discrimination led to me asking myself what would happen if the LGBT

community decided they’d had enough and decided to fight back.  It made me

wonder how I would feel if my ability to date someone or get married were impaired by

some obligatory decree made by a government that made no attempt to understand


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Surprise! I’m Good At Things

In preparing for the Cape Comic Con in April, I’ve had to order a few things.  From Staples, where I worked until a few months ago, I’ve ordered a professional-grade poster and some postcard size prints.

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A Daring Attitude

I’ve been working through another edit of Blanc Noir.  With it’s modern social themes and satirical character names (Koch, Boehner, Limbaugh), I think it could win an audience.  More importantly, I think it could motivate people to make society better.

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