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Environment Impacts Everything

I don’t like going without posting for weeks at a time. I feel like when I should post, I should say something interesting. There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes.

You may want to curl your toes back.

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Forsaken Skies

My day off book lately has been Forsaken Skies by D. Nolan Clark. It’s a flight squad-based military science fiction. There’s also a lot of focus on the people outside of the battle, combatant and non-combatant alike.

Of the non-combatants, Thom and Roan take much of the focus. Thom is a young man thrust into a spokesman role. Roan is a religious adept whose faith and youth quietly conflict. View full article »

The Right Title

Culturally, we love our labels. They help us create those eternal notions of us and them. They help others divide threatening social classes into groups that can be pitted against one another.

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I’ve Been Thinking


Plenty of things are on my mine. Some local, some national, all stressful.

I could march through here and call people out, name names, make life hell. Maybe it deserves to be hell. Maybe it already is.

The trick is that I’m a writer. My power comes from words and, more importantly, the ideas hiding between each word. More than anything else, I need to be writing. After that, I can edit, possibly even promote my work.

I can commentate on the actions of a repugnant man who’s weak temperament pushes past most forms of conflict, desperate to find the most nuclear of options.

I could talk about the unbridled greed of someone who should be a leader and is instead a flash in the pan.

Greed is your motivator, sir. If not for money, then to flaunt power.

But I will not call you out. Instead, I will sit, I will wait. Then I will write.

Let Me Fanboy For A Moment

When it comes to superheroes, I haven’t been this excited since I saw a preview for X-Men.


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I Haven’t Forgotten…

I’ve been busy.

Regular job got nuts (tossed the yearly schedule out, replaced it), been grinding on a few projects, editing, developing. You know the drill.

Also, I have an Instagram account now. Just posted a picture of myself, the first since I weighed in at less than 300 pounds.

More posts are coming here soon. Along with a few other bits of refreshment.


The ringing echoes. Is it a gun or is it a dull hum?

Names are called. Could this be the last survivor or has that name already been called?

Sadness reigns. Can it last or will words inspire those left behind?

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Reactionary Mindset

A few moments ago, I was sitting quietly in a corner at the local Panera. The store manager came up to me and asked me to move. He needed the area for a meeting.

It’s a simple thing. The staff at Panera has often been good to me. Surely I can move for them.

Even after I moved, I felt a little off. I’d picked out a comfy place to write and had to give it up. There was a taste of bitter to that pill. Why? Because I had to react to something around me instead of controlling it myself.

No actual harm or foul, just a minor emotional reaction.

Another example of a reactionary mindset:

I picked up a long-awaited package from UPS. Not only was this a gift, but an impressive one. Logic said I needed to wait to get home to open it. My eagerness and the curiosity of a few friends led to me cutting open the package and assembling the contents on the back of my truck of all places!

Why did I do this? I was reacting to the excitement of the situation, going as far as diminishing my better judgment to a degree. Still, having a 1/4 scale Jean Grey is a wonderful thing…


Using What You Can

I’ve had the most creative day in a long time. I’ve drawn, I’ve done development work on a book. I’ve written streams and streams of free writing, stuff that will never see the light of day, but I’m proud of it all the same.

Through it all, I’ve had a Google Play Music channel of 90s Alternative Hits playing. I started the music when I went to work out, kept it going through lunch, and kept it on through all that creative fun.

Trying to gear up for more now, but the hour grows late. Doesn’t mean I won’t try.

Given what I knew was ahead this morning, I wouldn’t have said today would be a worthwhile day. I was committed to not give up but had no expectation for success.

I used what I could and kept the creativity stoked. It roared into a warmer flame than before.


“Why do we fall?

“So we might learn to pick ourselves back up again.”

Those lines from Batman Begins may be the best part of that movie. (It’s an incredible movie without those lines.) It is an informative couplet, first coming from Thomas Wayne, then from Alfred.

We all fall sooner or later on our respective journeys. When those times come, we have to take a breath, patch our wounds–if only our wounded pride–and get back up.

There’s another saying: You can’t win if you don’t play. No matter what you’re playing, get up and keep going. You have it in you to succeed.