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I said I would offer The Fanged Circle: The Knight for free. Today, I deliver. For this initial free offering, Jacob’s tale will be available June 29-30, 2015.

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Speed of Reading

I wrote recently about how fast some of my friends can read. I’m jealous of them and their speed reading.

This post isn’t about that.

I’ve noticed that some books read at different rates than others. I’m going to highlight a few choice examples, just to illustrate this further. View full article »

Thank Your Network

You may have seen an actual picture of me. There’s one that I use a lot because it looks good, looks like me, and it features a smile.

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New Features

I know I need to do more to get my name out in the world.

Yes, I have a fantasy serial to show off, novels that need to find representation, all the usual things. I could do more–and I have two things in mind.

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As a former employee of Barnes & Noble and a Nook owner, it seems odd that I would release a dark fantasy serial exclusively on Amazon. I’m not even a fan of exclusive, well, anything.

More than anything else, I wanted to give people a chance to read The Fanged Circle for free.

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I’ve been working on a new dark fantasy project. I haven’t said a lot about it, since it was going to be a simple piece. Three sections, conflict between the POV of each, dark, sad, done.

Then I realized I had ideas past what I’d initially planned to write. Juicy, mysterious setting stuff. I wanted to write more.

I didn’t have all the answers, but I knew that wasn’t a problem. Dark Souls and Bloodborne don’t give you the answers, you have to go digging for them.

With the nature of digital prose, I knew I could release installments and slowly build something larger.

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Why is everyone so MAD?

I saw Mad Max: Fury Road over the weekend.  Mad Men had its series finale. The number one movie a few weeks ago featured a character whose entire gimmick is getting mad.  And tons of people are mad about how a certain episode of Game of Thrones ended.

Which is why I ask: Why is everyone so mad?

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There’s a link on the sidebar of this blog, a simple label showing that I have a page on DeviantArt.  For years, I did little with it, not giving it much to grow from.  It was a place where some of my art chose to live, sometimes loved, sometimes forgotten.

In the past few years, my skills as an artist have increased on average.  I’m strongest with an F pencil, though I’m willing to play with pens and Photoshop when the need arises.

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Cursed Marks

We take inspiration from many things as we create.  Star Wars has clear shades of DuneO Brother Where Art Thou is an alternate version of The Odyssey, just like the comic series Ody-C.

In the past couple of years, I’ve become a fan of Dark Souls and related games by Hidetaka Miyazaki. His games are filled with dark atmosphere and indirect storytelling.  Symbols and themes are the strongest elements in Souls games, among them is the Dark Sign.

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At Cape Comic Con, I took a short period to look at some of the other vendors.  One of those was Here There Be Sculpture, which features many lovely dragons of different shapes, colors, and styles.

Of the dragons featured at the show, there was a little red guy I fell in love with and had to adopt.  I named him Rascal.

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