Dual Identities

It took me a little longer than I had wanted, but, last week, I managed to get finished with Dual Identities.  It was a bit of a battle, but in the end, I found something very important in the text.  Kathryn, the main character, is dealing at least a little with the fact that she can fly.  It’s something she has to struggle with, but as she learns more about her powers, she takes the notion of flight as the reason why she can keep going.

On top of that, there’s also Trafton, the point of view antagonist.  His struggle is almost a tragic hero’s tale.  Living with the symptoms of leprosy, inflicted with powers he never wanted, and haunted by an almost random death, Trafton has all the elements of a protagonist even though, for Kathryn, he is the enemy she doesn’t even suspect exists.

There are also other elements looking to complicate things further.  Other antagonists, like the demonic Alex Gold and the etiquette obsessed Nadia Katzeva, push events to multiple boiling points.  Commander’s role in the sequel is much-diminished, partially to show the impact of who he is on the world around him.

For now, Dual Identities is done.  It only has about 46 chapters, where both Mind & Machine and Vitamin F have more than fifty each.  Next will be Ashes of War, my epic fantasy, though I accept I might only get a little work done on it before moving on to something else.  Perhaps it will remind me how to write detailed description.


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