When are you getting this thing published?

I was talking to my friend Jon today and we were discussing how little things at the start of a series can pay off in later books.  I mentioned how I’m trying to do something similar with Mind & Machine and Jon asked, “So when are you getting this thing published?”

I’ve gotten a draft at least finished on three books now.  It’s time I got something done I think.  I know what I want to type, I have plans on how I’ll edit, I even have strategy on what agents I’d like to contact and thoughts on how I can promote my works.  I just have to clean them up and get them out there.

In the next few days, a pair of friends should be getting some, if not all, of Mind & Machine to look over.  Instead of editing before sending reading material, I’m going to do all the editing after.  From hearing several professionals at Dragon*Con, I know they don’t usually take 4 drafts just to get one book up to par.

Ok, another moment to chill, then it’s back to work.


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