Telekinetic Cat Fight

Starting things out can always be difficult, especially when it comes to novels.  At this point, I’ve finished at least an initial draft of three books, two of which are part of The Golden Hollow.  For the most part, that series focuses on the telepath, Commander and his fight against the conspiracy called Decimal.  Another major conflict for Commander is that he has the power to change the course of destiny, his destiny, in fact, is to destroy destiny or at least defy it.

I first introduce this idea when Commander meets mystical librarian Sandra Bright in Mind & Machine.  In this first Golden Hollow book, Bright argues that she will help Commander on the condition that he helps her with something in the future.  She doesn’t say what she needs help with of course, as that would be telling.  Bright knows what will happen, but is aware that Commander’s opinions will sway his actions.

That’s cryptic writer-talk for “Sandra Bright is going to be turned into an agent of evil and she knows Commander will kill her if he finds out.”

That fall to the Dark Side comes up in the fourth book, but some things have to happen before that fall can take place.  One thing, and this takes Bright a bit by surprise, is that she is directly attacked by the Demo’Que, the demonic goddess of an alien race.  Except that I realized a few days ago that the Demo’Que shouldn’t start out in her full role, ruling over an empire.  Instead, I became convinced something new should happen.

Sandra Bright works in the Vancouver Public Library, which has been featured in several television shows, usually as a weird looking building.  I’ve seen it in Tru Calling, Caprica, and most recently in a few episodes of Fringe.  Here, take a look:

With such a cool looking place, it’s hard to not want to use it in something.  I needed a library that was in Vancouver as a setting for Sandra Bright’s scenes and found that the city already had an incredible looking library.  Someday, I’d like to go there.

As part of Bright’s duties, she protects rooms filled with all manner of odd trinkets and powerful artifacts.  It’s like a cross between the JSA Museum and the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I think now, that one of the artifacts is going to be some sort of teleportation device.  The most powerful of the artifacts is a crystal which, when linked to several books, records the history of things that haven’t happened yet.  This is how Bright knows what will happen in the future.  Commander’s book is always changing, which is why he can defy destiny; everything he does changes more things down the line.

Because of these changes, a woman named Julia Reynolds, posing as her sister Jessica, visits Bright, eventually revealing who she really is.  This is where the fourth book will start.  Since they are both telekinetic, I figure they’ll have an epic battle of wills, bashing each other throughout the library.  Julia will eventually win, taking the crystal as her prize and demanding Bright open the artifact rooms for her to use.  When Julia touches the teleportation device, it interacts with the crystal and Julia is whisked into a paradox of nonexistence, which will mark the end of the first chapter.

While it might seem innocuous, the truth is that it is actually how Julia goes into the past and is teleported to a alien world, becoming slightly mutated along the way.  She will change the aliens, conquering and coming to rule them, almost as an immortal.  In time, they will call her Demo’Que and she will lead them across the cosmos to make war on another world, her home world, our Earth.

Should be fun to write the actual story.

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