What a day.

Managed to find a solid little system to get some new writing done.  I set a timer for 20 minutes and did nothing but type.  What I typed was a quiet scene of Commander fantasizing about Kathryn Angel.  I used it also as a way to develop more detail, skin, temperature, color, movement.  Only a few words really, but the kind of thing that establishes who Kathryn is, what Commander wants from her, and why Commander is alone.I got all that in 20 minutes, but also managed to convey a sense of sexuality.  Commander is highly repressed sexually, which is an ongoing theme in his story.  His loneliness is a significant theme in The Third Ritual, which will see Commander–much like myself–confronted with having no one around Valentine’s Day.  I thought of the idea because in movies, Valentine’s Day is always a time of love and gifts.  Commander will have no love in this tale, and the only gift he’ll be given is one he doesn’t want.

After that bit of writing, I also got some solid editing finished on my dystopian novel, Vitamin F. It’s a real blast to be wrapping up the fourth draft of this tale, one that changes the dynamic of how dystopias are presented.  I’m at a point in the story where the protagonists are moments away from being given a terrible injection.  I may discuss that in more depth later.

The topper is a late night viewing of my favorite movie, Christopher Nolan’s Inception. It’s a great study in how to craft characters, especially when you don’t want to be confined to the notion of not having a bad guy.  This movie is a great motivating tool and I enjoy watching it, if only to be blown away.  In an age of character-driven storytelling, Inception makes the entire film revolve around character struggle.  Dom Cobb’s conflict is purely internal, he is fighting the memory of his dead wife, not his actual wife.  And he’s just waiting for that top to stop spinning.

In all these things, time running down is a major factor, kept to keep track of the story and how much the characters can change.


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