Kathryn Angel

I thought I would take a moment and say a little about one of my characters.  Since I have a lot of characters from The Golden Hollow, I’m going to start with the Golden Hollow herself, Kathryn Angel.  She may not always be at the front of the action or directly appear in each story, but without her, there is no series.

This is a recent picture I drew of Kathryn using color pens my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew gave me for Christmas.

Despite her dark red hair, Kathryn is a natural blonde; she dyes her hair frequently.  She’s got an athletic build, is quite intelligent, though a little naive.  When she speaks, it’s impossible for her to hide the fact that she’s from Arkansas originally.  Kathryn is quiet and sweet, enjoying books and movies in her spare time.

What she doesn’t know is that her birth actually disrupted the universe.  Her latent telekinetic powers fired, changing a number of things.  The farther the telekinetic flare moved from her, the more destructive it became.  In Missouri, the content of a man’s sperm is altered, creating Commander.  In Brazil, a man develops telepathic powers–and all the symptoms of leprosy; this is Trafton Da Silva, one of the antagonists in Dual Identities. In another part of the galaxy, an alien culture is hit with the worst cataclysm in their history, leaving only a portion of their population intact; they’ll get even in book 4.

Having written Kathryn in two full books at the moment, I have already seen a great deal of expansion and growth from her.  At the beginning of Mind & Machine, Kathryn is a research scientist.  By the end of the next book, Dual Identities, Kathryn learns how to disguise herself, physically and verbally, she is more sure of herself, and she can do things–well, I don’t think I’ll give away all the secrets.  Let’s just say that I’m more comfortable having Kathryn as a lead character than I was a year ago.


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