Or perhaps I should say Lord Kadium Noshgronko, Brother of God.  Kadium is a secretive entity, one not named until the third book of The Golden Hollow, The Third Ritual.  He has been trapped for centuries in a realm of almost nonexistence, unable to influence the corporeal world.  In corporeal form, he looks something like this (which is an older picture):

Three rituals are of course required to restore Kadium’s corporeal form.  He is made of metal, though much of his structure is demonic in nature.  His demeanor is calculating and he was formed by almost divine means during the Dark Ages.  Aside from being over seven feet tall, metal, and demonic, Kadium is also skilled in all manner of sorcery, something that no other character in The Golden Hollow is capable of.

During his existence, he had discovered scrying and used it to shape the course of events.  One of the oracular scenes he has seen is a battle to the death between him and “the red blade.”  Like other preordained battles, Kadium knows that if one of them wins, the world will drift toward oblivion.  Unlike most of those battles, Kadium does not know if his victory will save or destroy the world, a fact that gives him reason to pause and consider his actions carefully.

Kadium is hard for me to label as a villain or a hero.  He is powerful, but troubled.  Like many of my characters, he lives a singular existence, being a species of one and seen as a deity to many of his followers.  Kadium’s ideals are political, but from a stance that people today waste their lives.  Regardless of anything else, he’s a threat to Commander, one that tests the limits of humanity and what we are all capable of.


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