Just a quick post for now.

I’m putting together a few plans to make progress not just on one project, but on all my writing as a whole.  To do that, I need to be able to balance writing, editing, and even promotion of my work.  So far, I’ve only been able to do one of those at a time.

On writing, I’ve been writing scenes for The Third Ritual.  I don’t have a real focus on that story as of yet, though I know a few plot points that will take place.  The biggest thing I’ve been doing with it is working on my descriptions, since my first drafts seems to lack enough necessary detail.

On the editing front, I’m about to go through a real gear shift.  I have about a chapter and a half left to edit on Vitamin F and the worst parts of that book are behind me, though I do need to gloss over another chapter from that story again before I can say draft 4 is finished.  Once that draft is finished, I’ll be moving on to editing Mind & Machine.  It needs a little work as well, since a lot of it is still quite rough.

I have some prep to do for the Missouri Writers’ Conference, which is coming up in a month.  I need to send in my application and mark which agents I’d like to talk with.  It’ll take a little work, but I’m sure I can get everything set up in time.


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