Oriane Panettiere

Since I have just finished the fourth draft of my dystopian novel, Vitamin F, I thought I would post a little about one of the characters.  Here in all her fearsome glory, is the main antagonist, Genetic Security Agent Oriane Panettiere.

For the plot of Vitamin F to proceed, Oriane has to investigate a murder.  I say it in these terms because this is what kept me going on the project.  Vitamin F is a story I did not choose to write, instead, I was compelled to write it.  To finish it, to even do a good job with it, I needed something that appealed to my sensibilities.  So I developed a murder mystery plot that opened up the world Vitamin F takes place in.

Visually, Oriane’s appearance is derived from a pair of sources.  The first is the (presumed) main character of the anime Ergo Proxy, Re-L Mayer

I totally stole Re-L’s wardrobe, hairstyle, overuse of makeup, and cold demeanor.  Her occupation as an investigator is almost coincidental.  But Oriane is older than Re-L, which leads me to my next influence.

Number Six herself, Tricia Helfer.  Not only is she a fantastic actress–and good looking!–she can play a diversity of parts.  If you’ve seen Battlestar Galactica, you already know this, since Helfer plays a population of distinct individuals, not just the same pretty face over and over again.  This is also a case where a character was envisioned with a specific actress playing the role, should there ever be a movie.  (In fact, compare my drawing of Oriane to the cover for season 3 of Battlestar Galactica; you might see some similarities.)

Oriane is a deeply wounded woman.  She joined Genetic Security to make sure the demise of her twin sister didn’t happen to any other girl.  It’s the Batman excuse, but Oriane is ruthless and assertive with the power she has.  When she finds a suspect and becomes convinced of their guilt, she makes it her mission to watch them, waiting for an opportunity to find the scientific data she might need to make a case.

If you’d like to read more about Vitamin F, check out the Bibliography at the top of the page.


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