Deprived of X-Men

I play HeroClix.  I love the X-Men.

That seems a clear combination that I would want some of the new HeroClix release, Giant-Size X-Men, yet it did not happen that way.  There are reasons for this, but largely this is due to a distribution error.  I could say more about this, but I would rather not, leaving the reasons in the hands of others.  (For more, click here: )

My story is simple.  I am a prudent person and I don’t want to order things I don’t want.  A week ago, I didn’t know half of the dials involved in this set.  I didn’t know where my favorite character, Cable, would be placed in the set.  As it got closer, I found out that there were a lot of great characters and that Cable/Deadpool would be attainable–if I got a brick (pre-packaged cluster of booster boxes for those not in the know).  I have extra tax money also, so this became a simple decision, I could do it.

I got up early today and typed.  I bought a case to put all my new figures in.  I had a nice lunch and continued reading The Wise Man’s Fear.  I showed up, ready and willing to stimulate the local economy, but I was not allowed.  My local comic book store was shortchanged, enough where they may have to issue refunds on early payments.  The number of boosters I could buy amounted to zero.

To my fortune, I was able to get a few figures from a trio of very kind friends.  (Jack, Kevin, Preston, thank you.)  These, however, are secondary market sales, they do nothing to benefit WizKids/NECA, nor do they support my local comic book store.

Giant-Size X-Men is labeled as such due to the giant figures that were a core part of the booster promotion.  Usually, figures are about an inch tall; these giants are about six inches tall and come in separate, blind boxes, boxes that cost twice as much as regular booster boxes (these are superboosters).  This is a big experiment on the part of HeroClix and it was going to take some work to get people excited.  But they did get excited.

Once people are excited, you would think, WizKids/NECA would have a similar level of product available for this latest release.  By the nature of the set, this would seem plausible, especially considering the decreased availability of most figures.  (Most sets have ten boosters per brick; Giant-Size X-Men has eight and requires purchase of one superbooster; want them or not, giant figures result in fewer figures to buy, even though consumers have to pay the same amount of money.)  Instead, the levels of production are decreased for this new set.

What makes this development worse is the fact that the entire production sold out a month before the release.  Success!  Problem is that they aren’t making any more.  They should have decided to make more a month ago, just because if it’s sold out before it goes on sale.  Unfortunately, even printing a fraction of the original run is not on WizKids/NECA’s radar.

I’m disgusted by this.  I have to go elsewhere to get the basic things I’m after from this set.  When I’m forced to use secondary market to buy the most expensive figures from a miniatures set, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  And thus, I am deprived.

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