Planning Covers and Chapters

Today’s progress was interesting.  I managed to blaze through chapter 2 of Mind & Machine, which took a bit of work.  Chapter 2 deals with establishing the three core villains, two of which appear in chapter 1.  The early villain focus is designed to show how Commander’s enemies see him.  I also get to use it as a way to hint at the mysteries the story will deal with.  Just mentioning Subject 837 is enough to spur another line of plot, even though it’s a lot simpler than it might seem at first.

Another thing I found myself doing today was working on a new cover to Vitamin F.  This cover has a good style to it, that, when finished, should be eye-catching.  Imagine a red pill bottle with the edge of the label in the center of the picture.  The label will have all the basic information, title, author, maybe even that it’s prescribed for Bridgett Grey.  Speaking of Bridgett, she’s in the image–her hand will be pressed onto the side of the bottle from the inside.  Bridgett will be half-submerged in pink pills, struggling to keep her balance among all the pills around her.

I had to start thinking about this again, if only because I might have to put the novel out there as a digital download first.  I’ve investigated PubIt and I like their terms and process.  The book just needs a cover and I think a more striking cover will get more attention than just having Bridgett sitting in a field of black.

Don’t misunderstand, I love this image.  With a bit of perfection, this could make a fine cover, but I think I need to go with something much more daring.  While there is a sensuality to this image, which I do love, there is something standard about it.

Selling a dystopia about a world that’s 88% female requires something other than a standard image.  This is something that I can’t go short on.  Not only is this cover going to be drawn by me, it’s got to grab a potential  reader’s attention, if only long enough to convince them to read the cover text.  That’s the doorway into the book and it takes a solid cover to lead the audience there.


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