A Momentary Distraction

As I fight through Mind & Machine again, I need to listen to something.  Even though Pat Rothfuss thinks people who play music while they write have something wrong with them (since writing is a “full brain” activity), I have to have something going, even if it’s just a dull sound to help me find my pace.  My iPhone lately has been playing a song called “Futuristic Imagination” by School Food Punishment.  It’s the end theme from Eden of the East, which is an anime that has a lot of appeal for me.Created by Kenji Kamiyama, Eden of the East is a modern day cyberpunk anime that is actually lighthearted, realistic, and filled with intrigue.  Aside from the pacing and the characters, that mismatching is something that appeals to me, as Kamiyama is playing with the boundaries of genre and expectation.  It starts out in Washington, DC, even though the plot is about saving/advancing Japan as a nation.

Even more peculiar is the original opening to the show.  The visuals are all evocative of the series itself, displaying things that, if examined closely, would give great detail to what the show is really about.  The audio, however, is a different matter.  In the US, you can only hear the proper opening music in the first episode.  Why?  It’s done by Oasis.  Yes, that Oasis.  In true Oasis fashion, they aren’t kind enough to allow North America to hear their music in front of an anime.  Their loss, in my opinion, because it’s quite good.

There are a lot of hints at the plot in that opening.  The closing, which is the first thing I was ever shown of the series, shows the direct plot.  The animation, however is totally in paper doll form.  You just have to see it:

Cool, isn’t it?

I’ll say more about Eden of the East another time.  When the time is right, I’ll say quite a bit.  It’s a really good show.

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