A New Exercise

In the past few days, I’ve put together a new way of motivating myself to write.  Since one of my weak points is often my lack of description, I’ve been writing descriptions of interesting people that I see.  Even more important, I’m writing those lines and paragraphs down.

It also helps having something interesting to base descriptions on.  One of the people I’ve seen in the past few days was a slender woman with wavy curls of caramel hair.  I was having lunch at a great Chinese restaurant and this woman was ordering something to go.  I thought about going over to talk to her since she was really pretty–her form-fitting jeans didn’t hurt matters either.

Of course, I didn’t know what to say and, before I knew it, she was gone.  The sight of her lingered in my memory, not just because she was attractive, but because she was striking as well.  I looked over the paragraph I’d written and tried to find use for it:

Denim jeans covered her long legs, legs as slender as a straw.  Length was her calling card, from her height to her lack of bulk.  Caramel curls fell in waves coating her shoulders contrasting the purple of her shirt.  As she turned, she watched me with perfectly shaded eyes.

There were a few bits from that description I really enjoy.  The biggest of those, I’ve already used, noting that the woman had caramel hair–it was a smooth shade of brown, light in most of its length, but dark in others, a lot like a candy bar.  I wanted to come up with more about her eyes since eyelids were shaded like Eva Green.

Since then, my muse came to visit my subconscious.  Along with a jump in the size of my writing group, my muse pushed me into doing a good bit of writing.  The piece I started working on was a story about a normal woman, who I named Heather, as she is exposed and altered by the alien presence attacking in the fourth Golden Hollow novel.

She got dressed, wearing tight denim jeans and a maroon t-shirt, both of which looked loose on her tall, slim body. The only distraction from her figure she could offer was keeping her wavy caramel hair over her shoulders.

I changed the shirt color, but essentially, it’s the same description.  I didn’t want to go to the detail I went in the previous paragraph because I didn’t feel spending that much time describing a one chapter character was worthwhile.  Also, I didn’t want to stop the flow of a horror story describing what Heather looked like all at once.

As for what happens in that horror story, I might discuss it when I’ve finished writing that chapter.  When I do, I might share a little more art and describe a few bits about how these aliens reproduce.  Until then, I think I should find more interesting people to describe.

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