The More You Don’t Know

So I’ve been wondering about what I should post about.  As often as I make remarks about books and writing, about comics and characters, about movies and filmmakers, I wonder just what am I really posting.

I have ideas of things I’d like to post, but a lot of those come along, occasionally on  a random basis.  Granted, I usually review a book after I read it, which gives an accurate accounting of what I’m reading and how fast I’m getting through it.  I review movies I see in theaters.  I talk about anime on occasion.

As of late, I’ve been editing Mind & Machine, making good progress on it.  I’ve posted art in the past and explained bits of my creative process.  I’ve stated opinions, but usually keep them under the realm of pop culture and entertainment.  I have ideas and suggestions on things as well, though I don’t always state them.  Any time Reality Check Fail–Pop Culture Radio is updated, I try to mention it here (you are listening, right?  A new episode did just go up.).

What thoughts from the deep recesses of my mind would you like to know?

What opinions do you want from me?

What parts of my writing would you like me to share?

Any idea is welcome, any suggestion is valid.  No thought is too wild of crazy.  Just put it down here, ask your questions or post your ideas.  I’ll do what I can to address them and, maybe, we’ll have some fun in the process.

Come on.  What do you say?


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