Writers’ Week–Day 1: Introduction

In exploring twitter and the internet yesterday, I discovered Emily Suess’ blog.  This week, she’s organizing the Writers’ Week Writing Contest, based around one of fifty writing prompts.  When I saw #3, “You’d be much more attractive if you…” I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about Nadia Katzeva and her lessons in Dual Identities.  From that jumping off point, I think I’ve come up with an interesting idea.


Since I’ve been wanting to write about Kathryn Angel again, I thought I would go back to her incarceration in A Better Place and show things from a different perspective.  A Better Place appears at first to be a secret prison where the inmates have no rights at all.  Eventually, Kathryn is forced to endure etiquette lessons from the snobbish Nadia Katzeva.  The goal of these lessons is not just to make Kathryn speak and act a certain way, but to also make her into a different person.

Once this steps succeeds, Kathryn–now Christina–not only takes to her lessons with pleasure, she willingly starts doing the same to other inmates in the prison.  Christina’s training is different that normal since she’s being trained to be exactly like Katzeva as well.


I’m currently thinking this story will be called “The Other Identity” and will feature Christina doing her part in the training of others while hearing hints of Kathryn in her subconscious.  Since I’m about to write the story, I don’t know exactly what shape it will take, but I’m thinking it will be dark, it’ll be fun to write, and it’ll get me writing and editing again.

Will Nadia Katzeva be in the story? Probably.  Will Kathryn have a big role? Maybe.  Will there be a lot of telekinetic powers and the like? I’m not sure yet, same goes for Katzeva’s inertia manipulation.

I plan to post update blogs as things progress, if only to provide more Writers’ Week content.  Once I’m through this, I’ll be hitting my usual editing hardcore and planning on my next novel project which you can still vote on here!

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