Writers’ Week–Day 4: Surprise Revelations

While working out a few more details for my entry in Emily Suess’ Writers’ Week, I discovered some interesting details about one of the central characters, as well as my overall setting, The Golden Hollow.

(Catch up with Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 by clicking the links.)

Now that I’ve sorted out the secondary character,Monet Sullivan, I had to give her a background, even if I was the only one who would ever see it.  The term I came up to define her pre-incarceration political rhetoric was “Angel Sympathizer.”  This would be a reference to Kathryn Angel, the alternate identity of the main character of “The Other Identity.”

What makes this more fun is the fact that I can use this term in other stories.  I think Angel Sympathizers could be an interesting group, a youth-oriented, highly educated class that realizes that Kathryn Angel is a true heroine, not the telekinetic terrorist the media would paint her as.

I’ve also found Christina’s pacing and approach not as hard and abrasive as Nadia Katzeva’s.  Both might have needles stashed in stuffed animals, ready to be used as projectile weapons or torture implements, but Christina is still much more gentle.  There’s enough Kathryn still lingering in her to make a difference.  After all, I did say on Day 1 that I wanted to find a way to write Kathryn more.

From these ideas and this story, I think I’ve found a way to keep Kathryn involved in this series, even if she isn’t in this novel or that one.  I think I could write short stories about her, since her story usually comes in concise parts.  In time, I could build up a nice backlog of Kathryn Angel stories, enough where I might have to make an anthology just about her.


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