Writers’ Week–Day 5: Making the Meek Strong

As I approach the last stage of assembling “The Other Identity” for Emily Suess’ Writers’ Week, I find myself wanting to describe exactly how I edit my works.  Without editing, a piece of writing is raw and unable to express all that it could.  In my case, that means there could be a handful of problems.

(Catch up with each day’s progress with the following links: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4)When I asked The Literary Omnivore to look over some of my writing several months ago, she gave me some solid advice: “Watch your passive voice.”  I typically use an online program called Aztekera to identify and calculate the volume of passive voice a piece of writing like a short story or a chapter from a novel might have.  Everything gets pointed out nice and neat.  Once I finish editing, I put the same text section in again, seeing how much I’ve succeeded in my editing efforts.

Before I can do that, I have to go through “The Other Identity” and make sure I refer to everything in order.  Early sections need references to Monet’s name and appearance.  In fact, a lot of my work usually needs more description.

Aside from that, I just need to make sure the story flows well.  If that works out, then I’ll get to post it.  Of course, that’ll be a different post on here.  I do have to build up some suspense first, right?


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