Rally Squirrel

A lot of people here in Missouri are making a big fuss about the “rally squirrel” that ran across home plate during a recent Division Series game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Philadelphia Phillies.  Suddenly, the squirrel has become a lucky charm in the state of Missouri.  All because of this little guy:

This morning, I was having breakfast while watching TV.  My recliner is right next to the living room window, which I’ve left open for a few weeks because the weather has been so nice.  When I moved to take a drink of juice, I noticed something sitting in the window, something furry.  At first, I thought it was a cat, but I realized it was too small and its tail was bushy.  Then I saw its head and realized it was a squirrel.

It walked around the base of my window, exploring the open gap like it was a tree branch.  After a few seconds, the squirrel looked inside my apartment, checking things out.  If the sciurid would have stayed for another ten seconds, I’d have taken a picture from only two feet away.

Once it ran off, I started to think about that squirrel in St. Louis and how things improved once it showed up.  I decided to redouble my efforts in building character outlines for Tesseract.

This is going to be my project for NaNoWriMo this year and I think I’m finally getting real momentum behind the project.  I’m planning on assembling five character outlines before fusing them to make a full story outline.  I’m focusing elements on the core three characters, the primary villain, and one supporting character.  The trick behind these outlines is that I’m getting to build every scene of the story in advance, even though it’s not a detailed outline.  Also, each outline tells events that will be from that character’s perspective; they can still appear in other character’s storylines.

What this is going to let me do, aside from hitting the ground running when NaNoWriMo starts, is find the connections between character arcs faster and make those bonds carry greater meaning.  So far, I’ve gotten through 4/5 of the villain’s plot, 3/5 of the lead character’s, and about 2/5 of another outline.  I feel like I’m making solid good progress on this.

Of course, my Mom things my rally squirrel might try to join me for breakfast more often.  If it brings progress on story planning or writing, I won’t turn it away.


One thought on “Rally Squirrel

  1. That squirrel seems to be good luck and hopefully it will say with you all while doing NaNoWriMo! It sounds like a complex and full story that should be sure to please! Good luck on your adventure and hopefully the squirrel comes back!

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