Gearing Up For NaNoWriMo 2011

After recording the latest episode of Reality Check Fail–Pop Culture Radio, I couldn’t stop thinking about Tesseract.  I thought about it not because we’d just discussed it or because it’s what I’m going to work on for NaNoWriMo this year.  I thought about it because I don’t have any cover text written down for it on the NaNo website.

The more I’ve thought about Tesseract, the more I’ve seen it’s a story about how people relate to one another, through language, through emotion, and through action.  I initially thought it would be much more of an action bonanza, just as I thought Five Star Stories would be as well.  I was wrong on that front.

Tesseract also centers around four central characters.  In other works, I’ve been comfortable jumping to side characters for a scene, just to provide greater perspective on the lead characters and conflicts.  I’m not going to do that with Tesseract.  I’m going to make it where one of those main four is the point of view for each and every scene of the story.  I’m committed enough to this where I’ve planned about 65% of the scenes of the book.

There’s also the mirrors to consider.  These mirrors, unlike normal mirrors, all exist in pairs, exchanging the mass in front of each.  It’s the main form of transport, but it’s also a great way to hide things, as well as useful as a weapon.  When materials are exchanged or reflected, there is a spatial distortion, the edge of which is called the dead line.  Because of this lethal barrier, illegal weapons use these lines in place of projectiles.  Government assassins, like Alindra Vordrinn, have warp sabers, blades that carry a continuous distortion, making them able to cut virtually everything.

For now, I offer this cover text as a placeholder, if nothing else.  I think it gets the basic idea across:

The Communion rules over everything, governing all commerce, transit, and communications.  Because of the Communion, planets billions of light-years apart are only a few steps away.  The universe is populated with a myriad of species, each capable of speaking only in their own voice, even though the Communion provides a shared language for all.

Because the Communion opens a dialogue with any species it discovers, every carrier in their fleet has a staff of linguists who have to decipher language at breakneck speeds.  Kahlan Rhhl is one such linguist, an inquisitive young woman who has been obsessed with puzzles her entire life.

When Kahlan and her team open communication with a species in record time, they discover a secret lost to the annals of time, a secret ready to tear the Communion apart.

My next few posts will show off these four characters and open up a little of my process of writing, revealing who I’d cast in each part, what music I use to enter their mindsets, and more!


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