Tesseract: Daria Maeda

Continuing the preview of the four lead characters from Tesseract, here’s the character with the most secrets, Daria Maeda.  Unlike Kahlan, whose job it is to solve the plot, Daria complicates it.  She also shows us a lot more of the setting since she’s a mobile character.  She’s capable, determined, and good with messaging.

But that’s not all.

Daria has a secret and it’s a big one.  When no one watches, she sends messages to unknown sources, telling them little secrets about how the Communion works and what plans she knows about.  It’s not much, but she is spying on those around her.  It isn’t something she likes, but she does it anyway, out of an instinctive drive.

She’s still devoted to her friends, tied between them and her hidden devotion.  It’s an inner conflict that will take her off the path the others walk, which, ultimately is a good thing.  Getting there isn’t an easy feat, but Daria is a window to the whole world, the whole universe even.  Her eyes aren’t the eyes of the reader, but they are a view of the bigger picture.

Oddly, I recently changed a few things about Daria.  For the longest time, she was a blonde Caucasian, but I saw a picture and I knew I needed to make a change.

This is Utada, from the cover of her album, ULTRA BLUE.  Only recently have I discovered this album, but I’ve been a fan of Utada for several years now.  I was listening to the track “Keep Tryin'” for the first time and realized I didn’t want or need Tesseract to be an Aryan ideal.  I needed something other than just another blond and, dammit, I just like Utada.  So I made some changes.

Obviously, I’m going to listen to some Utada while I write from Daria’s point of view.

Just for fun, “Keep Tryin'”:

And “Be My Last”, also from ULTRA BLUE:


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