NaNoWriMo 2011 Update 3

Wow, what a battle.

At one point, I was behind by about five thousand words on top of what I needed to deliver each day.  That’s a big deficit to come back from, but I did it.  Yesterday was especially good for me, having written over four thousand words then alone.

I was able to come back from being behind through raw determination, stubbornness, and a will to succeed.  Those things are good to have in a writer and everything I’ve ever heard says determination can take a writer further than talent alone.

I wrote about many things in Tesseract.  I finished by having my protagonists figure out how to translate an alien language–the inciting incident of the novel.  I have to also give credit to a scene I wrote on Thanksgiving where my villain did something so unforgivable, I will surely get hate mail about it.  Greg Stillson kicks a dog to death in The Dead Zone, Alindra Vordrinn eats an alien baby in Tesseract.

All things considered, I was lucky to get through it all.  I fell behind on the twelfth and didn’t get ahead again until yesterday, the twenty-ninth.  I did the bulk of this year’s contest from behind, but I still did it.  I still won.

Now, I need to apply that never-give-up attitude to some query letters.


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