Writers Talking Writers 2011

Recently, I found myself wondering how to better market writers–and thus myself–to the internet community.  At the same time, I was discussing writing and books with several authors both online and through more conventional means.  Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I could open the door of guest posting and share that same discussion with any and all who might pass my blog.

Also, this month marks a year since I started this blog, so I could think of no finer discussion to have to mark such a simple anniversary.

For this, I’m taking the week of December 19-23 and handing my blog over to a different guest each day.  I’ve asked each of these fine people to take a moment out of their busy schedules and discuss their favorite writer and a favorite book that writer has written.

Let’s take a moment and get to know these guests:

Samantha Wurner is a fantasy writer currently working on a series tentatively called The Soifra Eileen Chronicles.  She loves hot chocolate and is always fun to talk to, especially when the topic of conversation bounces close to her puppy and furry copy editor, Ronnie.  You can learn more about Samantha’s writing at http://swurner.wordpress.com/

Daniel Campisi is another fantasy writer, copy editor, podcaster and all-around great guy.  Of course, I’m biased since I’ve been friends with him for only the past thirteen years or so.  Aside from everything else, he’s a fan of comics, novels, and old movies.  You can follow Dan and his Adventures through Blogosphere.

Emily Suess is a freelance copywriter who excels at all manner of writing endeavors.  She also a fan of Simon & Garfunkel, 5k running, and reading on her Kindle.  You can read some of her writing on her excellent blog, Suess’s Pieces.

Mike Whitacre is an independent writer and storyteller.  He works on action and pulp stories, even poetry.  Like me, he’s even a fan of anime.  You can learn about his writing on his blog.

So mark your calendars, December 19 to 23, WRITERS TALKING WRITERS 2011.  You’ll hear five writers talking about their favorites.  Oh?  I only listed four?  I must have left off the “Mystery Guest” that will also be taking part.  That, for now, will remain a mystery…


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