There are times when the creative juices don’t always flow, the need to edit doesn’t rise, and the ability to market my work just isn’t there.  Those are the times when I just need to decompress.  It’s like letting in a bit of fresh air, while ultimately recharging the creative batteries with a new power source.Usually the way I decompress involves movies.  That could be going to see a movie, like the creepy The Woman in Black or watching something older and goofy like Krull.  I just watch something to watch and leave it at that.  When I do this sort of thing, I don’t watch things that I’m intently trying to pay attention to.

I play games.  Not just video games like I mentioned recently, but also tabletop games, like HeroClix.  I’ve been known to play cards, but usually things more like rummy.  Funny story, I used to play rummy with my friend Ali, beating her as often as she beat me.  Her husband sees me as a hero because of the one time I managed to win on my first hand.

The biggest thing I do to chill out, the one thing I’ve done since I was a little kid, is draw.  I draw characters and X-Men and landscapes from dreams.  I try all manner of different things, hoping to come up with something new and different.

Like I said, these things end up recharging my batteries as well.  The movies give me ideas on how things should look and actors I might cast as my characters.  The games give me a better understanding of tactics, so I can figure out interesting action scenes.  Drawing lets me see what I’m thinking of, if only so I can figure out the right words to describe what I’m thinking about.

Are there other ways of chilling out?  Sure.  Do they always let the mind decompress?  That’s a question I’ll leave to you.


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