Current Plans

I’ve got to get some things in order.  I tell some of my writer friends that battles are won in the short term, meeting little goals all the time.

That’s an easy thing to say, but when you only write 85 words in a single week, it’s another thing to live that motto.Immediate Plans

Get the first chapter of Tesseract written.  This has been a long time coming, but I put together some notes and I think I’ve got the gaps sorted out on it.  Of course, this is immediate because, in a week, I have to show it off to my writing group.  No pressure.

Finish my next steampunk story.  I’ve had some big breakthroughs lately, enough where I can get some writing done.  Those 85 words I mentioned before, they belong to this story.  There’ll be fire, intrigue, hints of romance, and one crazy surprise.

Overall Plans

These aren’t as specific, so I’m just going to put these in a short list.

  • Draw more.  (It’ll add nice pictures to my posts.)
  • Edit Vitamin F.
  • Send more query letters.
  • Try to mark down a monthly and/or annual word count.

So those are my plans.  Any big plans out there with all of you?


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