A Look at Tesseract

I’ve been fortunate to have a solid group of people looking over Tesseract for me; two friends who act as a peer review group and another who’s just reading it for the enjoyment.  I could use a bit more accountability on this project, if only to keep myself working on it.

For that, I think I need a few more readers.


There are a few rules, but they aren’t very hard.  Here’s a quick list.

  1. I’m only taking on ten people total, at least at this stage.
  2. To join the list–if you’re not already on it–just post in the comments for this page that you’re interested.
  3. You’ll get roughly a chapter each week.
  4. You don’t have to give feedback on specific details; I just want your impressions.
  5. When we get to the end, I might share a questionnaire, but, aside from that, I want you to enjoy reading.

A brief primer on what Tesseract is all about:

The Communion rules over everything, governing all commerce, transit, and communications. Because of the Communion, planets billions of light-years apart are only a few steps away. The universe is populated with a myriad of species, each capable of speaking only in their own voice, even though the Communion provides a shared language for all.

Because the Communion opens a dialogue with any species it discovers, every carrier in their fleet has a staff of linguists who have to decipher language at breakneck speeds. Kahlan Rhhl is one such linguist, an inquisitive young woman who has been obsessed with puzzles her entire life.

When Kahlan and her team open communication with a species in record time, they discover a secret lost to the annals of time, a secret ready to tear the Communion apart.

So, if you’d like to take part, post below and I’ll start sending you chapters.  You might just get a credit in the book once it’s done.


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