Weekly Update, March 29, 2012

I’ve been discussing my regular progress with a wonderful group of writers for about a year now and it’s worked out well.  With the COWRDS (Company Of Writers Really Determined to Succeed), I report my word count each week.  I thought I’d step things up to the next level.  I have enough projects in development, from finishing the first draft of Tesseract, to final edits on Vitamin F, to covers, and even short stories.  Let’s take a look.


Total: 80,500 Words

This Week: 2,064 Words

At this point, I’m assembling chapters, though much of the material for the first few chapters is fresh.  Ah, the joys of writing out of order.

VITAMIN F Word Count

Chapters edited:1

This week: 1

This is something I’ve needed to do for a while now.  One of the biggest things hitting me developmentally has been my use of passive voice.  On this edit of Vitamin F, I’m only trying to fix the amount of passive voice, not overhaul the text.  I shouldn’t have to take much time to do this.

MIND & MACHINE Promotion

Total Agents/Editors contacted:2

Query letters sent this week: 0

Mind & Machine is spruced up and just needs to be promoted.  I need to finish the synopsis, since so many agents want that with the initial query.  Once that’s done, I can send out more letters, saying at the end of them that I’ve had a short story published.

Not much to report on the next Harrison and Bianca project right now.  I’m still sorting out the villain for this particular short story, but, when I do, it should come along quickly.

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