Weekly Update, April 9, 2012

I did not have the greatest week as far as writing goes.  But there’s still progress and even small steps lead to greater progress.


Total: 80,500 Words

This Week: 0 Words

No progress on Tesseract this week.  The reasons for that will become a little clearer later on.

VITAMIN F Final Edit

Chapters edited: 7

This week: 2

I thought I wasn’t going to make any progress here for the longest time, then I got off a couple of hours early on Saturday, giving me time to jump ahead one the editing once more.  I’m not where I’d like to be with it, but I’m on my way.

MIND & MACHINE Promotion

Total Agents/Editors contacted: 2

Query letters sent this week: 0

This has become the back burner of my writing progress, which is sad since this is my big series.  Mind & Machine is a good book and I think people will enjoy it.  It’s that damned synopsis that’s holding me back.  I just need to put the last touches on it and be done.

“Heart of Steel” word count

Total word count: 168

This week:168

This speaks for itself.  I’m making progress now.  It won’t take too long until I have this cranked out.  I would have done it sooner, but a few things have come by where I’ve had to revise how this story is going to work, where it’s going to take place, and even the makeup of the characters involved.

I’ve also got one more project in mind.  This is something new, a tribal sort of fantasy story that deals with combative witches on a hostile planet–so hostile, the jungle itself will try to kill you, down to the plants and the trees.  The central character will be a witch who has a small daughter, maybe another child too.  Still very much a work in progress.

Finally, I finished my Phoenix drawing this week.  I’ll try to post it soon, possibly on my deviantart page.  Next up will be an Iron Man drawing for my cousin.


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