Plan? What Plan?

There have been times when I’ve tried to put together plans on how I want things to go forward.  Every writer does this to some degree or another.  In fact, I’d dare say we do it more as we come closer to success.

Plans don’t work out, they never do.  There’s an old military axiom: No plan survives first contact with the enemy.  I’d be willing to extend that to first contact with friends as well.  That’s just how life goes.Last week was a great example of this.  I had several extra days off, so I meant to write a big chunk of “Heart of Steel” and do more work on Tesseract.  I didn’t plan on getting sick, but that’s what happened.  I got sick so a lot of what I planned didn’t get done.

Part of why that didn’t happen was because I felt ill.  A lot of why it didn’t happen is because I allowed myself to get distracted.  Between forum posting, anime, and not having a lot of motivation, it just didn’t get done.

My choices have changed as a result.  Now, I get to sort out if I want to make up for lost time and productivity (stressful) or am I willing to carry on, making daily goals and not looking back (helpful and productive).  Of course, if I do either of those things, will I be setting myself up to not follow through on yet another plan?

Maybe I shouldn’t plan.  Maybe I should just try to do more each day and if I succeed, take a victory from that.

Celebrating small victories… sounds like a good plan to me.


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