The Real Face of Vitamin F

You’ve heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but we do that every time we’re in a bookstore. I know I toyed with several different ideas before I found the design I wanted for Vitamin F.  Getting there was an interesting challenge.

One of the driving forces of my stories is the strength of my characters, how much I feel for their plight, how much I care about their victories and defeats.  Bridgett Grey is very much a conformist on most levels, but her personal conflicts drive a lot of the quiet notes in Vitamin F.  With that in mind, most of my early attempts at cover design included the college freshman.

Many of the early designs I had were variations on this image.  I wanted it to be clear, even from the cover, that this was Bridgett’s story.  I tried many variations.  The most recent idea was never completed, but featured Bridgett being buried in a pile of pills from within the pill bottle.

I make this point because a lot of what I’ve been saying paints the setting ofVitamin F, but not all of Bridgett.  She loves music history and hanging around with what few friends she has.  She never knew her parents and she has a slight chemical condition in a world built around genetic controls.  Despite any fear people might have for Genetic Security, most people sigh, roll their eyes, and endure it, just like Bridgett.

Bridgett’s a nice girl, sweet too.  I invite you to take a look at the start of her story for either Kindle or Nook.  Just click either of those links and you’ll be able to see the book.  Both devices also have sample chapters available.


Vitamin F will be officially released for Nook and Kindle on July 12.  If you can’t wait, go ahead and grab a copy now.


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