An Issue of Clarity

The amazing thing about clarity, in a forum like this one, is that it can mean a number of things.

For the sake of said clarity, I will be direct as well.  By clarity, I mean the ability to express intention, thought, and idea through words.Without clarity, language doesn’t work.  Not just English, but any language.  There are rules for communication that allow ideas to be expressed.

It’s like a code, only one we use so often, we no longer need to actively decipher it.

The difficulty, for writers especially, is using the right words to convey another thought between the words.  An idea that is hidden between the lines, kept so deep that it can only be deciphered, never coded or decoded.

For me, just to be clear, the joy of writing comes from the hidden notions, the secret ideas I’ve implanted between the lines.  Isn’t the real story the ideas I’m sending to you?  Not just the expressed words, but also the hidden words and the implications that come with them?


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