The Hunt for Red Marks

I like feedback.  As a writer, I practically live for it.  Sadly, much of my work has been done mostly in a vacuum, which leads to a totally different set of problems, especially for this beast:

I was chatting with a friend on twitter and found myself getting a nice splash of overall feedback.  I really felt like I’d done well with Vitamin F after that chat, but something came up that I thought was an issue.

Every book, even big corporate releases, have typos in them.  I need to hunt down said typos so I can fix them.

So, here’s my plan.

1. Report to me any and all Vitamin F typos.  You can send them to me either by twitter, Google+, or by leaving a reply here.  Be sure to give me the chapter number and a quote of the typo.

2. I clean up Vitamin F and update it.

3. Anyone who helps me find a new typo that I can verify, can privately send me their address and I’ll send you a special surprise.

I want Vitamin F to be the book it needs to be.  To do that, I need it crisp and clear, easy to read on all fronts.


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