So Stephen Moffat Quit Twitter

Famed British writer and show runner Stephen Moffat has quit Twitter.  He didn’t like having so much feedback directed at him, especially unwarranted, negative feedback.

Don’t know who Stephen Moffat is?  Here’s a picture of him with the stars of both of his television shows.  It was also his avatar on Twitter.

That’s right.  Moffat is the man in charge of both Doctor Who and BBC’s Sherlock.

When I heard this, I started to wonder about the line between creator and audience, or to use more general terms, provider and consumer.

See, this is another case public relations breaking down entirely.  This is what happens every time someone gets onto social media and uses it poorly.

Stating your ideals is a good thing, in my opinion, it lets those you interact with get a better idea of who you are and what you believe in.  It’s a failure to respect the opinions of others that creates trouble.

Picking on Dan Cathy of Chick-Fil-A has become trendy as of late, but his is a perfect case of poor marketing colliding with social media.  His political stance and charitable donations were public knowledge for months, if not years, before his recent anti-gay comments.  His mistake was not drawing a line between his views and his company’s official practices.

Another example: A dentist questions the sanity and intelligence of people he doesn’t share political ideology with.  He does this through social media, where it’s visible to everyone.  What do you think is going to happen next?

What I’d like to see, is people to actually respect the differences they have.  I have several friends, not just local friends, but online friends, who have views that conflict with my own.  We still get along, even though we don’t hide our views.  We respect each other, in part, because we realize we have things in common.

It’s a lesson that those that those of us who are artistic need to learn.  It’s also a lesson that everyone should at least keep in mind.

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