Flash Fiction: “Victory”

I wanted to try something new to flex my creative muscles, so I wrote a flash fiction.  It’s called “Victory,” and it’s inspired by the action movies of the 1980s and 1990s.


Dave scratched the scruff of his chin as he kicked the detonator overboard. He pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, shrugged, then tossed the pack into the ocean as well.

He looked at Dr. Necros, the villain whose corpse dangled from the top of the armored robot. There would be no more sarin gas attacks, no more bombing of oil rigs. Dr. Necros was dead, mere moments before his nuclear countdown ended.

Sweet, perky Nancy dashed on deck, running over a carpet of shell casings to reach Dave. The brunette jumped into Dave’s arms. As they kissed, his heart raced, anticipating the private celebration they would have in just a short while.

“Attention! Attention!” The voice of Dr. Necros erupted from a speaker close to the fallen robot. “The final countdown will now commence. Your deaths are imminent. Make peace with whatever you worship.” A panel opened near the villain’s body, revealing a box filled with flashing red lights.

“I already beat you,” Dave said, looking up at Dr. Necros.

“I’m scared,” Nancy said.

“Don’t worry.” Dave revealed his always confident smile. “I’ll take care of it, just like the last one.” He kissed Nancy again and ran toward the robot.

Climbing the leg of the construct, Dave thought about how long he’d hunted Dr. Necros, how he had to stop the mad scientist’s plan of poisoning all but a handful of people in the world. Dave’s sister Megan died trying to expose the villain’s plot. Now, once again, Dave was only a step away from settling the battle once and for all.

Dave stepped over Dr. Necros’ body. He spat, angry to have to fight another threat. The spit landed on the villain’s shaved head and ran over his blood-stained goggles.

Reaching a little higher, the lights flashed brighter and faster. Again, Dr. Necros spoke through a recording. “Dave Marshall, you truly are an idiot. This is a proximity sensor. Hope you like glowing in the dark.”

Dave jumped down to the deck and started running toward Nancy, screaming for her to get down.

It didn’t matter, the explosion vaporized her and the boat too.


Also, for those who don’t want to read the story, here’s a video of me reading it!


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