NaNoWriMo is Kicking My Ass

I’m not going to try and hide from the fact that I’ve had some difficulty with writing The Night Lands.  It’s a difficult story in the sense that I have to build a world out of a few vague ideas and only had two characters names when November 1 hit.

As I’ve fought with The Night Lands, I’ve found that I needed to do more pre-planning, but that’s more a problem of time and still writing Tesseract.  Under typical circumstances, I don’t know if I would have chosen to start writing this fantasy yet.

Let’s look over the problems first, then the solutions.  First, I haven’t capitalized on my writing as much as I should.  The daily goal for NaNoWriMo is 1667 words.  My daily average has been 1384 as of this writing.

Next is the odd realization I had about myself as a writer.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to do a great deal of fantasy in my career.  I have The Night Lands and I have Ashes of War.  Aside from those, I don’t know how invested I’ll ever feel about fantasy.  There’s so much of it already and I want to be different with the things I work on.  That’s why I feel so much more comfortable in the realm of science fiction.  I suppose this is one things that’ll just have to develop over time.

Tesseract.  While I’m glad to have some time away from Kahlan and the gang, I’ve been playing enough Mass Effect as of late where I want to go back to my science fiction world and explore it more.  It’s the best writing excuse I have for playing so much Mass Effect 2 in the past few days.

That’s the list of things not going in my favor.  Let’s take a look at how The Night Lands can go forth and prosper.

My lead is the destined dragon rider Atsuko, but I need to figure her out more before I can jump around with her part of the story.  What I can do to shake things up is focus on the non-human Xkikx, a man who is actually looking for Atsuko, so he can discover her destiny and his own.  I’ve been fortunate in having other characters I can call on.

Another thing I’m able to do is write to the right music.  The Night Lands was directly inspired by the video games Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Panzer Dragoon Orta.  I’ve been listening to Panzer Dragoon music online, reminding myself the sort of pace I need to hit with the story.

Coming off two weeks where I didn’t have to work my day job is going to help me get back into the routine of writing, especially in such an aggressive season.  I have to consistently devote myself to making these things work and spending time outside my routine isn’t the best way to promote writing in any sense of the term.

That’s where I am as of late.  Any other writers having similar fights with their text at the moment?


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo is Kicking My Ass

  1. I had a really bad week sleeping and stress-wise and I’ve barely written anything. My consolation is that this is part of a pattern in past Nanowrimos—I often slack or don’t do almost anything the first full week. The pressure to catch up then carries me through the rest of the month somehow and eventually I actually finish.

    I also realized that I need to do much more pre-planning/outlining for the story I’m working on now. That’s already underway.

    1. I’m the sort of person who doesn’t want to fall way behind. I’m just enough back at the moment where I can be sure to keep going through the whole month.

      Best of luck to you, my friend!

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