Historical Writing with Tracy Kauffman

Tracy Kauffman is a Christian Young Adult writer, who has previously released Southern Adventures.  Today, I’m giving her the floor to discuss her new book, Richard the Lionheart.

Is writing in a historical fiction genre any harder than writing in simply fiction? The fact is that writing in this genre is very difficult considering all the factors that go into this. Not only do you have to write the book, you have to study the person or time frame to a great extent. No one wants to portray a historical figure in a way that would be inappropriate of that person. Writing fiction does come so much easier than nonfiction because you can make the story and plot go as you would like it to go. Still this brings up the fact that this might have some immoral consequences to it.

In my book Richard the Lionheart, I wanted to portray Richard he best way possible but add some interesting points to the story. I researched
and researched things about him but none of the references gave a precise time frame of events. Some references were different than other references. I searched the internet and library for information that I could use in my book.

Different books and movies portrayed him in different ways but I hope that my book will portray him the way he should be portrayed. He was a king of courage, chivalry, and morals. He wasn’t always perfect but he repented of the things he did wrong in his life time. He became a crusader for the cause of Christianity. I believe he is a historical figure that many should respect and pay tribute to.

Visit my website to order this book: http://tracykauffman.yolasite.com
My facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/TracyKauffmanFictionAuthor?ref=hl
My Twitter page: https://twitter.com/KauffmanTracy

Tracy Kauffman is a fiction author from North AL.  She has an associates degree in Applied Science of Nursing.  She works part time as a registered nurse.  She is married and has two children. As an author, Tracy wants to write stories that will edify, encourage and be decent for children and young adults. She graduated Calhoun College with a Degree in applied science. She works at a nursing home with some fantastic elderly folks who inspire her. She loves hearing their interesting stories and often jokes that she has several mothers and fathers there.  She wants to help bring joy to the world today by her books. She enjoys writing fiction fantasy books for young adults and children stories.  She wants to leave a legacy behind of good values, morals, and beliefs to her children and others who have met her along the way.


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