I’m always looking for a way to not only better promote my work, but to get it into the hands of a mass audience.  That’s no secret.

However, I have kept something secret: my writing.  Sure, I’ve shown a little, sampled a bit here and there.  I think that’s only a start, something that, in a digital era, will no longer do.

With that in mind, let us look to the future and to a little plan I have developed to share at least a little more of my writing.

I’ve been working on The Night Lands as of late, and wondering if I could do more with it.  Sure, I need to work on Tesseract as my most active project, and I need to do a lot more to recruit an agent and editor for Mind & Machine.  With the current state of The Night Lands, I think I could do give myself an even pace with the story and present it in an interesting and lively format.

I found the idea in the Writer’s Yearbook 2013 magazine.  They had an entire article on going “From Blog to Book.”  Not wanting to set my fantasy world aside, I think this might be just the opportunity and forum for developing a first draft of my book over time.

This isn’t something I’ll be doing on this blog, but on a new, additional blog.  This new blog will exist for the sole purpose of showing off this in-progress draft of The Night Lands, while allowing readers to comment and discuss each section.  I won’t start this blog right away, but this will be coming soon.

So, what do you think? Would you be interested in reading a fantasy in such a way, much like how some people release web comics?