Building a Better Schedule

Looking at the progress I’ve made as of late, I’ve realized there are a few things I can do to improve not just one or two things I’m working on, but everything I am and will work on.

I need to make basic progress on a lot of fronts.  Writing, yes, but also editing and promoting myself as well.  I need to also find time for me to relax.  The result is a need for me to put myself on a writing schedule of sorts.

Since this is a schedule I’d like to use every week, I’m going to break it down by days.  That makes the most sense to me.

Writing (3 days): This is the core activity.  Without fresh writing, there isn’t anything else.  Also, with the amount I write each day on average, this will easily give me a chapter a week.  On these days, I’m just going to write, nothing else.

Promotion (1 Day):  I think taking one day a week to send out query letters and schedule things in social media is a good move.  I figure I can use this to also post on blogs and network with other writers.

Editing (1 Day): I know I can edit a chapter in a day with ease, so this will be a good opportunity to improve on projects aside from what I’m primarily working on.

Side Project (1 Day): This is a day when I can work on short stories or other works, should I need the time to work on them.  In the near future, this is a day that will be devoted to working on The Night Lands.

Rest (1 Day):  I can’t just keep going full blast, otherwise, I’ll just loose my mind.  With that in mind, I’m going to purposefully take a day each week to have fun, to chill out, relax.

Now, just because I’m not on one of the days that’s specifically listed for writing, doesn’t mean I won’t write on those days.  It’s just not going to be the main thrust of my efforts.

As a whole, I think this will help me continue to focus like I did during NaNoWriMo, making progress at a steady pace.  Can I do it?  Sure.  Will I do it?  I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.


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