A week ago, I wrote a great blog post.  It was about writing a one-page synopsis and just how I put my most recent one together.  I went through the process step by step until I had it finished.  Satisfied, I hit the button to publish it.

And it was gone.  No draft, no saved copy, the whole thing vanished.

I felt like I’d just been knocked out.

What made it worse was that I didn’t feel motivated to write it again.  I’d just poured out some solid work only to loose all of it.  It didn’t just distract me from that post, but from blogging entirely.

My drive was suddenly gone.

If this was some of my regular writing, I’d be more hurt, most invested, and more willing to go on.  When it comes to my writing, I’m of the opinion that no one and nothing is going to stop me, not if I can keep going.  Even if I just type a paragraph a day, I try to make some sort of progress.

That’s persistence and that’s what separates the writers from the aspiring writers.  Not submissions, not publication, but accepting the drive to carry on, especially when it’s not easy to do so.

As you can see, I’ve gotten myself to start blogging again.  Soon enough, I might just pop in with that post on writing a one-page synopsis.  The point is to keep trying.  Don’t stop, even if you want to stop.