As a writer, I live a solitary existence.  Some of my closest friends live in different towns than I do.  I don’t go to bars on anything resembling a regular basis.  I don’t work out with a partner or two.  I have no wife, much less a girlfriend.

I don’t live in the same world that most people do.  In truth, I travel between worlds; from a similar world with telepaths fighting silent wars to worlds where the sun never sets to galaxies linked by mirrors instead of ships.

Yet to give life to these worlds, I cannot act alone.  I need some help.In short, I need you.

Why?  It’s normal to ask this.  I know I would.

We need to find ways to connect if we’re going to share the things we create, as well as the things we love.  This isn’t just some matter of social networking, it’s a matter of actually making contact.  Sure, social networking makes this a lot easier, but it’s not the only way.

Word of mouth has always been the most powerful marketing tool.  However we spread that word helps our cause.  For writers like myself, it lets us tell the world about our works, just as much as it lets us celebrate victories bigger and smaller.  Word of mouth, even if it has to start with ourselves, gives us the power to gain allies and friends in the pursuit of our happiness.  It lets us discover new contacts and opportunities, just as it lets us find others who share our journey.

We may take the journey alone, but there are parts where we can do it better together.