Spinning the Web 2: Recruitment Drive

I spoke on Monday about the value of networking, not just over social media, but in general.  That got me thinking that I could do something, if only a little something, to actively pursue that idea.  I’ve seen plenty of people, writers included, who set up big strokes to regularly interact with a large group of people just to get their name out there.

I’ve also seen evidence that supports the idea that talking to a lot of people in networks is good, but making friends is better.

So let’s make some friends.

My new idea is to engage just a few people each week.  They don’t have to respond or participate, but I’m hoping to start a few more conversations.

For this, I’m going to use Google+.  Currently, I follow about four hundred people on there.  Fourteen hundred follow me, though many of those do overlap.  You might think I’m going to go immediately after the bigger, more unknown group, but I’m not.  I think, if I’m going to make friends, I should make friends with the people I’m already following.  Ideally, yes, I’ll need to jump over to that other group.

I’m shy, anyway, so I’m going to do this in baby steps.

My plan is to open a dialogue with two people, people I would like to know better.  Some of these are already friends, but sometimes you have to remind yourself why you’re friends with some people.  Each week, I’ll try to start a new dialogue with two more people and see just where that goes.

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