A dedicated writer is supposed to carry a notepad and something to write with.  That’s the rule, or suggestion at least.

With the spread of tablets, smart phones, and laptops, along with the increase in internet access, means we aren’t bound by pen and paper alone any longer.  With the growing drive for green technology, digital notes are becoming a better way to record things so we can look them over later.

That’s why I started using Evernote.

It’s only been a couple of weeks since I started using Evernote, but I’ve been pleased so far.  This is an easy way for me to write the beginning of a blog post or a new scene for a story, then swap it over to Scrivener with ease.  Any word processor should work, Scrivener is just the one I use.

So far, I’ve managed to write a couple hundred words of my new short story, the start of a blog post, and the opening of a scene of Tesseract.  I’m liking it a lot, especially if I want to write some text for a project.  For general notes, I still use my notebook.

Anyone out there use Evernote much?  What do you do with it?