Laying Foundations

Every story has to start somewhere.  Through inspiration or finding elements that interest writers and artists to the point where we have to create.  Since a month or two before the movie Prometheus came out, I’ve been curious as to how I would do something of the sci-fi horror variety.  I came up with a few mental notes, but not much else.

In the past few months, I’ve immersed myself in Mass Effect.  At first, that might seem benign, but the Reapers, as introduced in the first mission or the first game, are right out of a horror mindset.  The first Reapers encountered are Husks, people impaled on tall spikes, only to come back down as converted semi-cybernetic zombies.

Slowly, I’ve realized I can take those core ideas, the thought of people being forced against each other and the idea of using people as an incubator for some horrible monstrosity.  Just with those core elements, and a big chunk of my own background as a biologist, I can make something really nasty to throw into a story.

What is the story?  I can’t just have people getting thrown into the madness of such creatures, there has to be more than that.

That’s why I’m not writing the actual story of this yet.  I’m working out the details of these creatures and how they share an environment and a life cycle.  In time, I’ll have people I can include as well, but I’m not there yet.  That’s why I just have worldbuilding at the moment.  That’s also why it takes two ideas to make a story.


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