Living the Dream

If you’ve ever glanced by here before, you know what I want out of life.  As a writer, I’m not seeking fortune by any means, though it’d be nice to make enough money to pay the bills and keep everything going.

That’s the dream.

A few fun facts about that particular quest:

  • To be self-employed would be fantastic.  I would make my schedule, determine my workload.  I would have the control, no one else.
  • As a full-time writer, I could simply write.  Whenever the urge hits, I can write.  No waiting to get free from a shift or worrying about a drive home.
  • I can embrace my hobbies.  There’s so much drawing I would love to do.  I’ve played HeroClix for years, but, if I were self-employed, I would be able to go to the regular tournaments.
  • I would be able to dress the way I would want to.  There’s a relaxed freedom in that.

It’s a road with interesting, happiness-filled possibilities.  Sure, there would be stress to produce content, but isn’t that what I want anyway?  Isn’t that what every writer wants?

Here’s the surprise: That’s where I am right now.

I didn’t think I would be here, but that’s how things have played out.  Was it by my choice?  No.  Regardless, here I am.

Where I live, most people have at least two jobs.  For a while, I’ve been doing that, working as a bookseller and working as a writer.  I’ve paid my dues in both, built up my experience in both fields.  As a starting writer, I’ve had some sales, I’ve made some progress.  As a bookseller, I’ve learned a lot about the industry from the front lines.

For now, I get to live the life.  I get to write and focus on that.

I’m a rational guy too.  I know I’m going to have to get work again, aside from the writing.  I have bills that need to be paid while I build the writing further.  Luckily, I’m smart and confident.  Not only do I think I can find a solid day job, likely with better pay, but I know I can make real progress in reaching out to agents and editors.

As nervous as I may be, I know good things are on the way.



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