Thoughts on 33

This year has been rough, though not without its gains.

The main writing highlights came from the usual forces.  A second steampunk adventure featuring Harrison and Bianca was released.  It took a few months longer than I’d expected, but “Heart of Steel” is out as part of Gadgets: Dreams of Steam.

I managed to get some momentum with Vitamin F as well.  To date, it’s the best I’ve done financially with any of my releases.  Soon, I plan to clean it up and expand its digital reach.

I’m taking steps currently to clean up Mind & Machine.  It’s still a labor of love for me, and I care for it deeply.  That’s why I’m having an editor look over it, that’s why I’ve sent it to several agents in the past few months.

As far as new projects go, I have a few in mind.  Blanc Noir is going to be a crazy, somewhat Occupy-themed piece of future noir.  The Night Lands, as much as I love it, is a bit too ambitious, but I’m figuring out new ways–including short stories–where I can do more with it.  There are a few other small projects I’ve worked on, but most of them are derived from things I’ve already worked on.

It may seem like things were quiet during year 33, but I’ve kept after the dream.  Should I stop going after it, I think part of my soul would dry up.


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