After hitting a recent creative dry spell, I found myself trying to come up with something to write.  I wouldn’t say I had writer’s block, if only because I could still write.  What I was after was a story or an idea to fall in love with.

I didn’t find it.

Instead, I started to see a pattern. Coming together slowly, I started to note that there’s a lot of imprisonment in my writing, literal and figurative.  I have a great deal of mental controls as well, either through brainwashing or telepathy.  Put it all together and a single idea materializes.

Free will.  What is free will?  What is freedom?  Does choice actually exist or is it an illusion?

I’ve written about telepaths for the longest time.  Free will comes up in Mind & Machine as Commander juggles his pursuit of Kathryn and his war against Decimal.  In Dual Identities, free will becomes even more important since Kathryn has to ask if her thoughts are actually her own.

Bridgett has to struggle a little with a conflict between her personal and physical desires in Vitamin F.  In “Dreams of Freedom,” Harrison is continuously encouraged to stop trying to help Bianca break free.  The protocols in Tesseract are a physical device that directly shapes thinking and behavior.  Many of the stories I have in mind to write deal with these same issues from distinct angles.

Writers, what are the main themes in your work?  Care to share them?