Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Yesterday, I mentioned my woes when it comes to getting a large amount of feedback, especially on something the size of a novel.  I called it my glass ceiling, and I think it’s the right term.

Many times in my life, I’ve heard the line, “God helps those who help themselves.”  This is me helping myself.  This is me trying to break the glass ceiling.

I love Mind & Machine. I think it’s not only a good story, but unique enough where it won’t seem like it’s been done before.  What parts of it that might seem like they’ve been covered before haven’t been done with my characters.

Yes, there have been telepaths in science fiction (and thrillers) before, but how many of them have been motivated by unrequited love?  There have been manipulative villains before, but how many have tried to make weapons out of the damsel in distress?  Speaking of that damsel, who doesn’t enjoy seeing normal people become extraordinary when we need someone to impressive things?  That’s just an idea of what Mind & Machine has to offer.
To let you know what the book really has to offer, I’m going to make it available to anyone who wants to read it.  This won’t be a Google Doc or a free ebook, this is going to be something I send to you directly.  All you have to do is tell me you want to read it.  In return, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, I want some feedback.
Here’s how you can get in on this:
  • Send me an email.  This is probably the easiest and most secure way.  Just note in the subject line that you want to read Mind & Machine or mention Breaking the Glass Ceiling.  I get you set up however you like.  My email is Len T Berry [at] gmail [dot] com.  Just be sure not to use any spaces.
  • Twitter.  Send me a tweet or a direct message on there.  My twitter handle is @sithlordlb or you can search for Len Berry.
  • Post a comment.  You could leave a comment on here with your contact info if you’d like.  I’ll do my best to take care of anything you might post, so I don’t get you set up with spam or anything like that.
  • Google+  I check this branch of social media a lot.  It’ll send me an email too, so I’ll know what you’re interested.

What will you get in return for this?

  • You get to read my book before most of the world does.  This applies even if I make an ebook out of it.
  • Once I get feedback, I’ll list you in the acknowledgments, giving you to due credit you deserve.
  • You can take a hand in refining something that could be big.  I’m not just blowing smoke there, since I typically call Mind & Machine a cross between Inception and X-Men.

With that said, who wants to read Mind & Machine?

4 thoughts on “Breaking the Glass Ceiling

  1. What timeframe for the feedback are we talking? And how long is the novel? The main thing keeping me from commenting to offer help for yesterday’s post was that you seemed to need feedback very quickly. I’m a terribly slow reader for all that I read, though I would love to help. And since I’m commenting, you should be able to see my email address.

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