The Gender Proportion

In the past few days, I’ve had some fascinating discussions thanks to my search for people to read Mind & Machine.  One of these fine people, Johannes Punkt, was kind enough to tell me about a flaw with the story.

My gender proportion is way off.

In the first ten chapters or so, I establish the basic plot, toss in a little action, and set the characters in motion.  Commander and Der Former are there, Kain shows up, Rainier makes an appearance, Kathryn and her boyfriend have a few scenes, as do a corporate CEO and a senator.  With the exception of Kathryn, all of those characters are male.

Overall, the most important characters include three female characters, yet only one shows up early in the story.

In the real world, there are women everywhere, just as there are men everywhere.  There are people of both genders already in place, set up to be one scene characters.  Since I am trying to sculpt a believe able world, I’m going to need more than one female character in the first few chapters.  In short, I need to make art to imitate life.

Ever read anything that had the gender proportion messed up?  What would you do to fix it?


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