With NaNoWriMo upon us once more, it seemed fitting to say something about perseverance.  It’s a quality that every writer needs sooner or later.  It divides those that write with those who wish they wrote.

There have been a number of times when I could have stopped writing, even for a day, and no one would have thought less of me.  When my dad passed away, I could have stopped to regain my sense of direction and sort out my life, but I didn’t.  When a friend I had strong feelings for shut me out because of how I felt, I could have stopped writing, especially since I was writing difficult material.

Clearly, I didn’t stop.  It wasn’t always that I felt I had to keep going or that I wanted to keep writing.  To be a writer, one has to commit to writing, no matter the weather, the time, or even how sick you might feel.

The secret to perseverance is for a writer to take everything they feel about the moments that would keep them from writing and to turn those experiences into fuel for their creativity.  It doesn’t just create a catharsis for the writer, it makes the characters seem more real since their emotions are genuine.

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