Can A Picture Make You Happy?

While looking at a few pictures, I realized just seeing a few of them filled me with a simple happiness.  Many of these were just pictures, designed to look interesting or make a famous person seem more appealing.  Still, I found this joy staying with me for hours at a time just after seeing an image once.

This is a drawing I made about a month ago.  I did this with a different style than usual, taking lighter lines and relying more on shading to create visual distinction.  Once I was done, I was stunned.  I could not believe my hand had crafted such an image.  Yes, there was a reference picture, but what you see above this paragraph was drawn by me.

There’s a power in the raw creation of an image that is wonderful in a way few people will experience.  It’s one of the reasons why creative professions are often among the happiest–and only clergy, firefighters, and social workers are happier than writers.  (Wish I had the source article so I could give you a link here.  Sorry.)

When an image of any kind is shown to an audience, the possibility of evoking an emotional response becomes more likely.  In many cases, that’s the artist’s goal, to create the emotional response.

As a writer, that’s not always my goal.  I try to tell stories and to make people think from time to time.  Sure, I want you to use your mind, but I want you to feel something in your heart.  If I can do that, I’ve done well.  A great story should stay with a reader even when they aren’t reading, and especially once the book is finished.  Where such feelings take a person is up to their imagination, my purpose is to provide the inspiration.

If I can make a word picture and make you happy, then what more do I need?


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