Catching Up

It has been too long.

I admit, freely, that I let things go too long without posting.  It wasn’t that I had nothing to say or lacked for things to write about.  Far from it.

Still, I continue to take steps forward.  Let me share a few of these steps and remind myself to post about them.

  • Keep writing.  This is the first step of the writer, and one so easily forgotten.
  • Edit something.  Without editing, how can the raw writing be perfected?  How can the true power of a story come through, if it is not refined?
  • Query and submit.  If I mean to be a writer, then I must share my writing.  I must offer my stories for publication, not matter how long or short, no matter how large the audience.

That’s how I plan to go forward.  I have new ideas I am developing, old stories being rewritten, and other writing being stripped of typos.  It will take time, but it will progress, as all things must.

How will all of you go forward?  How do all of you plan to catch up on things?  Please, share.  I want to know!



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